Costa Rica Travel Tips: Finding a Restroom

One good rule I learned the hard way: always have a roll of toilet paper or tissue with you when you travel in Costa Rica!!!

It’s hard enough to come by a decent bathroom, let alone one with paper. Take advantage of any decent hotel or restaurant’s facilities when you can. The public Bus stations, and many public areas don’t have one. When taking the bus, don’t assume it’ll have one on board. If you’re lucky, the bus driver may stop along the way  for a 10 min. snack and pee break.. but if they’re running late.. forget it!

Most Costa Rica restaurants will let you use they’re facilities only when you buy something, or for a small charge. It’s common to see a girl sitting at the entrance that will hand you a few sheets when you pay her. Have some colones with you, around 30 to 100 is the norm. My husband had to go to the bathroom when at Mercado Central in downtown San Jose and much to his surprise the female attendant was sitting on the floor IN the men’s room!!

Get familiar with the words sanitarios or baños. Damas for ladies, and caballeros for men. Or look for the familiar sign on the door!


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