Crocodile Night Tour


Did you know the 70% of the wildlife activity is either crepuscular or nocturnal? In other words night is the perfect time for a wildlife touSr. And there is no better place to see nocturnal creatures than a mangrove swamp. The Great Terraba River is the longest river and carries the largest volume of water in the country. Also, the river mouth has the largest area of mangroves in the country. In the middle section of this river there remains the two most ancient tribes of this area, the Terrabas and the Borucas. This trip will expose you to some of the inhabitants of this complex environment: Bats, Opossums, Sloths, Owls, Snakes, Raccoons, Frogs and of course the most fascinating one, the American Crocodile.

Normally, trips like this are only offered during day but this night tour will give you a entirely different perspective on this amazing area. We invite you to enjoy and to experience wildlife in a unique way on this night-time adventure.


Leaving from Dominical late in the afternoon for to the town of Coronado, about a 45 minute drive. We’ll board the boat and ride through the mangroves swamps, which is part of the most important conservation area of it’s type in Central America. The mangroves also border the Marino Ballena National Marine Park. We`ll spend the next 2 hours in search of the wide variety of wildlife that there is to be seen in the area. Meanwhile, your tour guide will enhance this interesting expedition by teaching you all about the animals, birds, reptiles, plants and trees in this interesting environment.

Departure Time: 5:00 pm Return Time: 9:30 pm

Night Tour $65 per person

What to Bring: Comfortable clothing, strap sandals, hiking or sneakers shoes, mosquito repellent, sunblock, sunglasses, raincoat or poncho, binoculars, camera, plastic bags, extra water bottle, set of extra clothes, and a towel. And don’t forget your prescribed medicine if you take any.

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