Half Day Kayak Snorkel Tour

Snorkeling & Kayaking Tour At Marino Ballena National Park Half Day Tour

The Marino Ballena National Park was created in 1990 to preserve and protect the 4500 ha of coral reef that surrounds Ballena & Las Tres Hermanas Islands. This park also protects 13 km of pristine coastline including beautifully scenic beaches such as: Playa Ventanas, Playa Piñuelas, Playa Ballena, Playa Hermosa and Playa Bahia. Marino Ballena Park`s most interesting feature is a Tombolo, or land bridge, which links the offshore reef to the mainland of Uvita Bay. This natural bridge, formed by sedimentation, can be seen and accessed only at low tide.

In the park there can be found sponges, corals, mollusks, algaes, echinoderms, crabs and other creatures which are adapted to the strong tidal swell. Green Iguanas abound in the park, feeding on the plentiful alga plants. It is also an important refuge and nesting place for numerous marine birds including the frigate and the sea earwig. It is considered the most median point of reproduction of the Humpback Whale which comes to these tropical waters during winter months.


We will launch our kayaks at Playa Piñuelas, a short 30 minute drive from Dominical. On the drive from Dominical you can take advantage and stop to watch birds, monkeys, sloths, and other wildlife. Aside from exuberant flora and fauna you will also see breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean. As we get started, our bilingual guides will tell you all about the park`s history and teach you important safety techniques. We do our best to make sure that you get what you expect from the tour and will provide you the safest equipment available.

An easy 1½ hour paddle brings us to Ballena Island where a lunch of fruit and cold drinks in tropical style will be provided. We will snorkel around the island, observing the richest marine fauna in the area. Or, if you prefer, you may choose to simply relax on the island and explore the numerous caves. After an adventurous day we’ll paddle back to Playa Piñuelas.

 Departure Time: varies depending on Tide

Cost $80*

*Tranportation fees may apply – please specify pickup location

What to Bring: Comfortable clothing, strap sandals, sunblock, sunglasses, Water proof camera, plastic bags, extra water bottle, dry clothes to change into, and a towel. And don’t forget your prescribed medicine if you take any.

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