Nauyaca Waterfalls & Horseback Tour

The Nauyaca Waterfalls History
Don Lulo and Doña Ruth came to this region of Costa Rica 49 years ago. While still very young and beginning a new stage in their lives,they  traveled to a farm where Don worked as a caretaker. Everything around was virgin territory and we had to begin working the land. Don grew up very poor, having lost his father when a small child. Having to help his mother, Don left school after the third grade. Something quite similar happened to Ruth, who only attended school up to second grade. Nauyaca Waterfalls is a totally Costa Rican owned family tourism company, dedicated for several years to tour operations. They offer horseback riding tours, traveling through the farm that border with two impressive waterfalls from Río Barucito.

These majestic waterfalls are one of the main attractions of the southern Pacific region of Costa Rica. Known for their natural scenic beauty, they offer visitors recreation and fun. You can participate in different activities such as horseback riding tours, swimming, climbing, jumping surrounded by tropical rainforest. Nauyaca Waterfalls is the ideal place for those in search of tranquility and nature, as well as adventure and excitement.

The Nauyaca Waterfalls are located in a canyon approximately 24 feet wide. Recognized worldwide for adventure Eco-tourism, Nauyaca’s largest waterfall is 135 feet high. At the base is a large swimming area 18 feet deep. There are many smaller natural pools to enjoy.

Nauyaca Waterfalls is the ideal to walk, swim, climb, jump, take photos and spend a marvelous day in the warm waters of Rio Barucito.

Eco Tourism
This Eco tourism trip consists of trails, paths and roads where you can enjoy the beauty of the landscape and observe the wonders of the tropical rainforest. At Nauyaca Waterfalls we are committed with the environment’s protection and conservation and in recent years have participated in Eco tourism conservation projects such a planting trees in eroded areas. Today these areas are a habitat for many different species of fauna. Come enjoy nature at it’s best.

Horseback Riding
The Nauyaca Waterfall Horseback Riding Tour takes you through over 24 miles of trails.  The 1st part of our horseback riding tour takes us 45 minutes to one hour up to “Don Lulo’s house”, where you will enjoy a delicious typical Costa Rican breakfast.  After breakfast and observing animals in the family’s mini-zoo, the ride continues on for 25 minutes to the famous Nauyaca Waterfalls, where you may swim in the natural pools. On the way back we stop once again at “Don Lulo’s house” to enjoy a delicious typical Costa Rican lunch.  After a well-earned rest on the hammocks and a delicious cup of coffee, we begin the return trip to our starting point.
$80 per person

The horseback ride in Costa Rica offered by Nauyaca Waterfalls is one of the best experiences that you will have in Costa Rica.

Tour details
■ The tour is from 8:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.
■ The horseback ride takes approximately 2 ½ hours with three resting periods.
■ It includes: horseback tour, experienced guides, breakfast, lunch, entrance to the waterfalls, raincoats during the rainy season and safe parking.
■ Closed on Sundays and special dates.
■ We operate year-round.
■ Limited space.
■ Reservations must be made in advance.
■ We have tame horses for all ages.
■ We offer transportation from Playa Dominical beach and surrounding area for an additional cost. Prices vary.
■ The maximum weight is 230 lb or 105 kg

Nauyaca Waterfalls is the best place to enjoy Horseback Riding in Costa Rica, located close to Playa Dominical, Pérez Zeledón and Playa Uvita in Costa Ballena.

Getting to Nauyaca Waterfalls
1) From San Isidro de Pérez Zeledón, travel 26 kilometers down the road towards Playa Dominical.
2) From Playa Dominical, travel 10 kilometers down the road towards San Isidro de Pérez Zeledón.
GPS coordinates: 9.280789 , -83.822594 Our office is located in front of the main road, there are clear signs to guide you.a

Frequently Asked Questions
What does a typical breakfast and lunch include?
Breakfast includes fruit (pineapple, bananas, papaya and other seasonal fruit), homemade bread, corn and cheese tarts, coffee and natural fruit drinks.
Lunch includes Rice, beans, mashed potatoes, vegetable salad, tortillas, chicken, natural fruit drink and coffee. All home cooked on a wood fire.

What to bring?
Swimming suit, long pants, closed shoes.
Optional:  Towel, camera, binoculars, sunblock, insect repellent, shoes to walk in the water, additional cloth to change into after the tour.

How do I get to Nauyaca Waterfalls?
We are located between Dominical and San Isidro, 10 kilometers from Dominical, and 26 from San Isidro.

Can children ride horses by themselves?
Children over 3 years can ride by themselves, younger than 3 must ride with an adult.

What is the weight limit for horseback riding?
110 kg or 242 lbs.

Must you have experience in horseback riding?
It is not necessary, because we have specially trained horses for beginners.

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