Shuttle Sierpe to Drake & San Josecito Beach, Southern Costa Rica

New boat shuttle transportation Sierpe, Drake, San Josecito Beach.
There is a new public boat route from Sierpe to Drake Bay!!

This new collectivo boat schedule leaves Sierpe at 9:30am. This is late enough for the folks coming from Manuel Antonio on a shuttle.

This new Sierpe – Drake Bay boat taxi shuttle is great for those that don’t want to wait around till 11:30am and fight the crowds. All seats have cushions and there is a lockable compartment in front for luggage. This same Sierpe boat shuttle continues on from Drake Bay to San Josecito beach for the day.

New boat shuttle transportation Sierpe, Drake San Josecito

You can enjoy the best swimming beach in the Southern area of Costa Rica, San Josecito, and then take the boat shuttle back to Drake at 3:30pm for drop offs & pickups. It departs Drake for Sierpe at 4pm or 4:30pm.
**Take note: this is the LAST boat of the day leaving Drake for Sierpe – which opens up the opportunity for people to do ANY day tour from the Drake Bay area.

After a day trip in Drake Bay, you can get back in time to take this boat shuttle out – back to Sierpe.

Once you arrive in Sierpe, you can stay in Sierpe for the night and head out as early as 4:30am or 5am for your next Costa Rica destination by bus.


You can park your car in Sierpe in a secure lot (approx. $6-$8 per day) and upon return to Sierpe, be on your way to your next Costa Rica adventure.

* Take note: all of these new specific boat shuttles will observe their LEGAL limit for passengers. This is in contrast with the reg. boats that leave at 11:30am and often FAR exceed their capacity and operate in unsafe manners.

For your next Sierpe, Drake and San Josecito beach excursion, choose the new boat transfers today! Reservations are a MUST.
-9:30am boat transfer Sierpe to Drake or San Josecito $25
-3:30pm boat transfer from San Josecito to Drake $25
-4:30pm boat transfer Drake to Sierpe $35
Boat shuttle leave daily with min. of 4 persons. Prior reservations as MUST.

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