What You Need To Bring As You Travel To Costa Rica

Costa Rica Travel Tips: What You Need To Bring As You Travel

Insect repellent containing DEET. (When using repellent on a child, apply it to your own hands and then rub them on your child. Avoid children’s eyes and mouth and use it sparingly around their ears.)

If backpacking or camping in Costa Rica, bed nets treated with permethrin. Overseas, permethrin or another insecticide, deltamethrin, may be purchased to treat bed nets and clothes.

Flying-insect spray to help clear rooms of mosquitoes. The product should contain a pyrethroid insecticide; these insecticides quickly kill flying insects, including mosquitoes.

Bottled water is readily available in Costa Rica. If camping or backpacing, bring Iodine tablets and portable water filters to purify water if bottled water is not available.

Sunblock, sunglasses, and a hat for protection from harmful effects of UV sun rays.

Prescription medications: make sure you have enough to last during your trip, as well as a copy of the prescription(s) or letter from your health-care provider on office stationery explaining that the medication has been prescribed for you.

Always carry medications in their original containers, in your carry-on luggage.

I recommend a packsack, boat shoes, comfortable walking shoes, hikingĀ  boots and of course a camera to capture it all!

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